Optim'alarm is a alarm management centralized that allows you to monitor the values or expressions from posts OPTIMA PLC or OPC servers of the market.

The alarms are displayed in order of priority and are classified by groups. The operator can acknowledge alarms if it has the corresponding rights.

All the data centralized by optim'alarm are accessible from the Workshop of supervision Optima VIEW thanks to specific objects. The access to the alarm management is done by TCP/IP, it can therefore be remote  (on another PC), or local.

The main window of the manager includes all the basic information about the alarms :

An optional bar may also be visible constantly in the bottom of the PC screen :

This banner displays the alarm at the top of the list. If no alarm is in progress, the blindfold notifies as well.

The alarm manager can operate in MASTER mode or SLAVE mode. You can have a MASTER manager on a PC and remote SLAVE managers. The SLAVES allow you to view the alarms generated by the master and possibly to acknowledge the alarms (depending on the rights defined for the operator).

The SLAVE Mode is free of RUNTIME. A license allows you to operate as a master and up to 5 slaves.