Optima Tracks

Optima Tracks radically simplifies the scheduling and day-to-day your control signals : your technical installation is a pilot in a few clicks.

In industrial environment or in GTB, Optima Tracks is a planning tool simple and versatile that will quickly make it indispensable.

Optima Tracks is a PC software whose main function is that of clock programmer, but it is also much more than that. Optima Tracks is a powerful tool allowing for example to add additional conditions to the programming of the user.

Optima Tracks is designed to fit perfectly into all automation software and supervision ofOptimalogbut it can be used in a completely autonomous way.

To drive the control signals, also referred to as "tracks" in the jargon of the GTB, the user defines a very simple access to these tracks (via OPC servers, or live for Optima PLC).

It also defines "preset days" with the timing of each track.

Finally, it assigns to the dates of the calendar the days and preset, to constitute planning. This assignment is made either automatically, thanks to a few simple rules, or manually by dragging with the mouse. It is always possible to change the settings for a particular date.

Once started, the clock driver signals output by combining the timing defined by the user, and any conditions programmed by the installer. In case of need, a signal can be temporarily forced. Special tracks are planned to pass to the installation of any terms of error in the configuration of the software.

The user interface of Optima Tracks has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, its handling by users only takes a few minutes.

We are continually listening to the needs of our customers. Please do not hesitate to send us yours, we will consider it very quickly in the evolution of the product.