Optima View

Optima VIEW is a software for creation of pages of supervision, open and operating under Window, built-in Optima PLC. It allows using its creation workshop to generate simply and quickly an HMI adapted to an application of industrial automatism.

Although optimized for Optima PLC ,the software is open and allows access to data from any OPC DA server of the market.


Openness and flexibility

  • background image with objects (buttons, bargraph, oscilloscopes, counters, parameters,...)
  • multi-page, dedicated
  • each object can be created, configured, moved, copied, duplicated

Its use is simple and friendly and requires no expertise in advanced computer science.

Supervision on OPC Server via TCP/IP local or remote to one or multiple Controllers 

The supervisor can be installed on the computer controller or on a remote machine.

For each variable you want to monitor, the user can specify the IP address of the position Controller concerned. It may also specify a post by default, for each page or for a given project

Recipes, newspapers, dynamic curves :

  • Restoring/recording of recipe from files
  • Logs on disk
  • Password management